The Bands:
The Walkers
Before the Count Five, the Walkers vamped a bit. Ron was a member of the Walkers while writing songs for the Dave Clark Five. In fact, the Walkers heard several DC5 tunes before they were turned over to the DC5. Alan Churchill, the Walkers' keyboard player, helped transpose songs like Because from the key in which Ron wrote to a key more suited to Mike Smith's singing voice.

The Walkers were an excellent band that gigged all over London and even won a few Battles of the Bands. It is The Walkers with Ron Ron on Sometimes, a tune recorded by both Oliver Reed and the DC5 and said to be preferred ny no less an expert than his wife Vicki over the more famous Because. The Walkers were Ron Ryan on guitar and vocals, Mike Martin on bass, Alan Churchill on keyboards, Mick Ryan on guitar and the keeper of the beat - Roy Saint (aka Gooner) on drums.
The Riot Squad
The Riot Squad was assembled by Ron around 1964. Larry Page was their manager as well as manager of The Kinks. The Riot Squad was a hard-playing rhythm 'n' blues based band that went through several lineups, leaving behind fourteen songs and half as many singles. The original members included Ron as second guitarist and lead vocalist & songwriter, Graham Bonney as lead guitarist, Mark Stevens on organ with Mitch Mitchell playing percussion (Ron gave Mitchell his first break) and Mike Martin (formerly from The Walkers with Ron) on bass.

There was a bit of dissention in the ranks instigated by Mitchell regarding the musical direction of the band. Mike was first to leave, followed by Ron, which vaulted Bonney into the lead singers position. Mitchell jumped ship to Georgie Fame's Blue Flames in 1966, before joining Jimi Hendrix. For a complete history of the Riot Squad check this link:Riot Squad
The Blue Aces
The Blue Aces were what was known at the time as an Irish show band. When Ron joined as songwriter/singer and rhythm guitarist, they morphed into a terrific pop/rock band as well. They toured US military bases extensively and were well known and popular.

The Blue Aces were a talented, excellent group. Ron was the vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Charlie Cheevers, the band leader, was on sax, Ron Carthy was on trumpet, Mike Gallager the drummer and Keith Field guitarist and vocals. Unfortunately as several members had families to support, they were forced to disband before that "big break".
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