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Ron has always been a big country & bluegrass fan. It is a little known fact that he wrote a country flavored tune called Bits and Pieces that his mate Mike Smith turned into a classic rock/pop anthem of the sixties - yes that very same Bits and Pieces. Ron recorded several albums, one of the best being titled Nassington Flyer - and he also recorded under the name Clifford James. The James album(s) are unique in as much as they amounted to a Johnny Cash tribute and were in fact requested by Mr. Cash's record label. Ron used a "stage name" because he was busy trying to make a name for himself. He also toured the UK with a country show and in fact roomed with Willie Nelson. You might even say Ron knew Willie before he became Willie.

Ron Ryan and Friends - The Nassington Flyer Team
The Bands - Country
The Country Knights
The Country Knights are Ron's latest foray into country music. They play festivals and typically steal the show.